EQUITY (Europe)

Italian Trend

The Fund invests in equities or securities equivalent to shares, primarily of Italian issuers and, up to a maximum of 45 %, on non-Italian issuers.

Core brands

Core Brands is an active long/short equity fund with an investment focus on European consumer defensive and cyclical brands with a long bias. The fund seeks to generate alpha through bottom-stock selection across various subsectors, advised by our quant team which manages the volatility of the fund through assessment of market trends and defines the net exposure for each subsector.

EQUITY (Global)


The Fund invests in equities or securities equivalent to shares which have been admitted to listing on the official stock exchanges or on any other worldwide market, and in bonds and money market instruments.

Global infrastructure

The financial instruments that are invested in by the Mutual Fund

Global Growth Selector

The Fund invests in broadly diversified geographic areas and currencies, in equities and securities equivalent to shares, on all worldwide stock exchanges and other regulated markets.

EQUITY (Emerging)

Brazil Value

The Sub-Fund mainly consists of liquid securities which the manager deems to be undervalued compared to their intrinsic value, regardless of the market capitalization, selected through an efficient investment analysis process, which involves in particular macro, sectorial and micro research.

Azimut Pakistan Equity Fund (OEIC) PLC


Strategic trend

The Fund invests primarily in equities, bonds and money market instruments denominated in Euro and/or foreign currencies. The equity component cannot exceed 60 % of the Fund’s net assets and will be concentrated on a limited number of global issuers.



The Fund invests primarily in senior tranches of asset-backed securities “ABS”, created mainly by European vehicles to issue ABS listed or traded on the Luxembourg and/or Irish stock exchanges or on other recognized markets.

Hybrid Bonds

The Fund mainly invests in corporate bonds denominated in all currencies of the G7 countries. More specifically, investments are done in hybrid and/or perpetual financial instruments.


The Fund’s aim is to offer a medium to low risk bond investment to investors who have an investment horizon of a few years and need or want to avoid exposure to equity market volatility.


RENMINBI Opportunities - Hedge & Non-Hedge

The Fund invests its assets in credit instruments equivalent to bonds in Renminbi off-shore (CNH) traded on the Hong Kong market, mainly in fixed interest rates.


Global Sukuk

With a view to maximize its assets over the medium/long term, the Fund typically invests in “Sukuk” Islamic instruments (variable, fixed, indexed, subordinated and convertible), including e.g., government and/or supranational securities, emerging credit instruments and corporate and/or convertible bonds of Sharia-compliant type.

Target 2023 Sukuk Fund

The Fund's investment objective is to offer a yield pickup by investing primarily in USD-denominated Sharia Compliant Sukuk with a pre-determined yield at the time of investment over a four (4) year period.



The Fund’s objective is to achieve a mix of periodical current income and capital appreciation over the medium/long term.



The Fund’s focus is on maximising its assets over the medium/long term.


With a view to maximising its medium/long term assets, the Fund will invest in debt financial instruments (fixed and variable rate, indexed, subordinated, convertible and with warrants).



The Fund invests primarily in instruments linked to the insurance and financial sectors.


The main objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation within defined risk parameters and to consistently provide superior risk-adjusted return over time.


The Fund seeks to maximise its medium/long term assets.

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Investment Funds

What is an Investment Fund

An Investment Fund (Mutual Fund or Hedge Fund) is a diversified investment portfolio run by portfolio managers who are professional investors who seek to protect and grow your investments in different financial instruments, such as Government bonds, Corporate bonds, equities, commodities and foreign exchange.

An Investment Fund is a collective investment pool enabling other investors to participate in the same investment strategy. This allows individual investors to benefit from the establishment of portfolio that minimizes the trading costs, exploit professional investment skills and benefits from the highest standards for risk management and legal protection.

The participation in an Investment Fund means investing into multiple financial instruments at the same time without having to execute multiple transactions and follow them afterwards. The choice of financial instruments is carried out by professional portfolio managers with access and global financial markets which focus and aim to exploit the best opportunities in the market as they occur.

Risk Management

Investments in financial markets carry a risk. Professional portfolio managers measure the risk of their investments through a complex set of statistical measures. The analysis of these measures prior to and following the investment decisions enables the prevention and minimization of risks for the investors in the Mutual Fund.

Focusing on the Mutual Fund performance and neglecting the underlying risk metrics might distort the selection of the most suitable strategy for any investor. The quality of the investment as well as the ability to serve the investor's financial objectives are strictly dependent on a strong risk management system.

AZIMUT (DIFC) benefits from the advantages provided by AZIMUT Holding risk management infrastructure. Its Mutual Funds are checked daily against strict criteria, which aim to defend and preserve investors’ money against financial markets fluctuations.

Custody and Fund Administration

The financial instruments that are invested in by the Mutual Fund are kept in the segregated accounts of major financial institutions that act as custodians. The presence of the custodian ensures that the money invested in the Mutual Fund is not held by AZIMUT (DIFC), which only manages its investment portfolio.

The value of the Mutual Fund's investment portfolio is calculated daily by the Fund Administrator. The Fund Administrator has the responsibility of checking the prices of all financial instruments and combining them into a single Mutual Fund unit price. The single price is the reference for investors, who can buy and sell the Mutual Funds investment portfolio in any proportion.

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